Mark Jones

Mark Jones is a 47 year old unemployed gentleman from Ebbw Vale who was referred to the Digital Inclusion Team via Ebbw Vale Job Centre. Mark had never used a computer before and was very stressed that he had no choice but to use computers to support his lively hood. Since the initial referral we have worked very closely with Mark. The progress he has made in regards to computing skills has been tremendous. In just a short space of time due to the support and comfortable environment provided for Mark to learn we have achieved great success together. Mark now feels comfortable operating a computer, being able to perform many tasks including the Universal Jobmatch website that is a vital component in Marks financial and employment opportunities. Mark is a perfect example of how much of a difference the project can make to peoples’ lives for the better. We have helped Mark gain a new found confidence, he has expressed many of times to us the improvement he feels in his day to day life, feeling the future is his now in his hands, and that he has the power to create opportunities for himself in the years to come.

The quote below emphasises what the Digital Inclusion Project has done for Mark, and what we can continue to do with others in the future.

‘I came to see Gethin of the digital inclusion project after hearing many good things about the project. I was a self employed painter and decorator for many years but unfortunately have recently found myself unemployed. It was a horrible feeling being out of work, and what was even more daunting was the fact that everything, including job applications have became predominantly online. I had no experience of using computers and was very nervous at the prospect of using them to find work. I felt depressed and anxious for a number of months with worry of losing money and being unemployed for the rest of my working days.

Since then however I have met with Gethin on numerous occasions having one hour long sessions in Ebbw Vale library. He made me feel at ease immediately and I have come on leaps and bounds with my computer ability. I can now send emails, fill in job applications, record information online and much more. The project has made a massive difference to my life and I am very grateful of the support I have received. I Feel a lot happier and am now very optimistic that I will find work very soon.

Thank you Gethin and the Digital Inclusion Team for all your help!’

Mark Jones, 47, Ebbw Vale