Free Courses

Communities 2.0 is offering free training courses for Social Enterprise, Micro Enterprise (business with fewer than 10 staff) and community organisations

Introduction to Facebook and Twitter: 12th June 2013
This one day course will give participants an insight into the principles of the world of social media but focus specifically on Twitter and Facebook.
Participants will be able to learn in a hands on and interactive manner how Facebook and Twitter work, how they can utilise these platforms to increase engagement and the potential benefits and pitfalls of the two platforms.

Content Creation: 20th June 2013
This one day, hands on, interactive and fun course is aimed at organisations and social enterprises interested in developing engaging, fun and attractive content that engages and promotes participation by focussing on the value of a DIY approach.
We will be using free tools and platforms and encouraging participants to create their own content through a variety of media including a mix of:
Film making
Our aim is to demonstrate that effective media content can be created and shared easily and quickly and can form the cornerstone of an engagement strategy that puts the audience at the centre of an experience that is fun, engaging and creative.

MailChimp: 3rd July 2013
This one day course will help participants create and use email newsletters using MailChimp.
MailChimp is an easy to use online tool that will help you organise, create and manage email newsletters, campaigns and contact lists. Participants will learn how to set up a MailChimp account, design and distribute custom newsletters and how to effectively use these newsletters to drive traffic and aid audience participation through real time analysis and campaign tracking.

Wordpress: 10th July 2013
This one day course aims to familiarise participants with using as a website building tool that will enhance their online presence as well as help them to develop an on-going pro active approach to using social media as a means of driving participation on and offline.
We will cover basic website administration and management, creating dynamic content and cross platform content sharing (via Facebook and Twitter) in order to build a network and develop an audience. At the end of the day all participants will have a website which they can then continue to develop with the resources provided.
This course is suitable for participants with no previous knowledge of website design as well as those who may use a ‘hosted’ wordpress site.

To book your space please contact [email protected] or [email protected] or phone 01443 742143